Great News for Gamers

Inside Flipboard / March 8, 2013


Frank Underwood, the House Majority Whip protagonist of the hot Netflix series House of Cards, likes to unwind by playing first-person shooters at night in his Georgetown brownstone. If Frank plays video games, you can be pretty sure that the viewing public no longer sees video gaming as a teenage-boy thing. Everyone plays video games—on consoles (like Frank), on PCs, handhelds, smartphones and tablets, too.

The uber-video game and entertainment site IGN is here for you—and it’s available today on Flipboard, paginated for a better reading experience.

Now known only by its initials, IGN launched in 1996 as the Imagine Games Network, a collection of websites dedicated mainly to video game platforms, devices and games. Over the years, IGN has broadened its franchise beyond the $67 billion video-game industry, and covers other forms of entertainment, including movies, TV shows and music, all of which is in the Flipboard feed.

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