#MagsWeLove: Staff Picks Edition

Inside Flipboard / December 25, 2014

At Flipboard, we love to read on the job. In fact, we’re encouraged. No matter the department, we’ve each got our own favorite reader-curated magazines that inspire and educate us every day. Here are the magazines some of us just couldn’t live without this year.

Xiang Ling – Design

Manly Man Main Courses: Even as a little lady, I love this magazine, literally everything about it—not just the content, but also the title and the description.

Deema Tamimi – Product Marketing

Bionic City: Full of the kind of wonders you thought you could only dream up. Before reading this magazine, I had no idea that biology and science could be so cool and so well-integrated into urban landscapes. Today I read about luminescent forests and glow-in-the-dark buildings. I can’t wait to see what Melissa flips in next!

Mike McCue – Co-Founder/CEO

The Maritime: Terrific news and photos of major maritime happenings.

Middle East News For the Perplexed: Great collection of news from around the Middle East from all perspectives.

Life Behind Glass: Great magazine for photographers by a photographer.

Yasuko Kato – Curation

Animal Gif Anime: When I need a break from work, this is definitely my go-to. Curator @rock_zo is one of the power users in Japan who collects hilarious pictures from multiple sources. This funny and silly animal magazine gives me great “work break” moments.

Cecily Mak – Legal

Betterment: Always great content about how to better life/myself/health without being cheesy. Curated by the best!

Didier Hilhorst – Design

Leica Magic: All about the Leica M and Leica. Great high quality articles and visuals.

Superflat: Great art—super visual.

Jason Pearson – Support

The Silent Mind: I’m a yoga and meditation geek, and Fabio’s magazine always has great stories for me.

Old Hollywood Murders, Scandals, Secrets & Crimes: I randomly stumbled upon this magazine about the seedy underbelly of LA, and the historian in me can’t stop checking in. It’s like vintage “Unsolved Mysteries” on my Flipboard.

Marci McCue – Content & Communications

Academy Thoughts: Educators are tasked with teaching kids and adults around the world while also keeping up with advancements in how to teach. I love this magazine because I not only admire its purpose but also because I always learn something new—it’s just super inspiring to read.

Mia Quagliarello – Curation

All Basses Covered: I like to say that “my heartbeat has a bassline”—I so love beat- and bass-heavy music. This magazine is always one step ahead when it comes to covering the funkiest, coolest, forward-looking music.

Marcos Weskamp – Design

Woodworking: Notes, tips and ideas on the craft of woodworking. If you are into learning how to work with wood, this is a must read.

Julie Henehan – Advertising

Serial: This magazine keeps me up to date on the latest developments with my new podcast obsession, Serial. I enjoy not only the news about Adnan Syed, but also the parody articles that joke about the phenomenon this weekly podcast has become.

Jenn De La Vega – Community

The Tipperary Butcher: I’m an avid cook and my favorite thing to do is cook large amounts of meat for my friends, preferably pork. I was happy to find an active source of off-cuts, wine pairings and basic butchering techniques in this magazine. Not for the faint of heart or…vegetarians.

Shona Sanzgiri – Curation

Semiotics: Decoding Culture and Society: Looking for a sign? Go outside and you’ll probably see a couple dozen by lunch. This magazine is all about the study of the signs and symbols we see on a daily basis, and have come to ignore. From bus ads to construction signs, semiotics makes the mundane meaningful.

Carolyn Weyforth-Glanville – Brand Evangelist

50 Years of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Takes me back to my childhood!

Michele Calhoun – Advertising

The Future of Content: It’s got great, thoughtful articles around innovation in marketing—in particular, content marketing and social. It’s updated regularly and always feels fresh. I often use it to send to my clients as a useful tool for their business.

Beast Fitness: I use this magazine as a source of curation for my own workout mag. I like it because it’s unexpected and a deviation from the mainstream fitness/workout content I typically come across (and sexist or not, that’s generally geared at women). It’s more weightlifting/strength training content from blogs and other sources I wouldn’t normally access and I always find something useful for my personal workouts.

~The Flipboard Team