New on Flipboard for Android: Log in With Google

Inside Flipboard / March 5, 2014


Today’s Android update includes the smoothest way yet to create a Flipboard account: simply log in with Google. If you don’t have a Flipboard account, tap the red ribbon in the upper-right corner, go to My Flipboard, then Create, to see the Google login option.

Why should you get a Flipboard account? Well, if you own more than one mobile device (for example, a phone and a tablet), an account allows you to access your personalized Flipboard everywhere. Sign in and all your subscriptions and settings will be instantly available. An account also enables you to save things you find into your own magazines. Join the community of more than six million magazines on Flipboard so far, or keep your magazines private (viewable only to you) and save articles to read later.

Here are three more great features exclusive to Flipboard for Android:

Choose More, or Fewer, Articles Displayed on Each Page: Tap to view any section or magazine, then go to the three-dot menu in the top right and pick Layout Density Options. Choose High to scan articles quickly and see more on each page. Select Low for a more leisurely reading mode, with larger photos, more text preview and fewer articles per page. Smart is the default mode. You can also select your preferred Layout Density Option for just that particular section, or for everything on your Flipboard.

Mobile Data Options: If you have a limited data plan, you can adjust how Flipboard uses your mobile data. Go to Settings, where you’ll see the option to Reduce Data Usage in three ways: “Full Data Use” does not limit mobile data; “On Demand” only downloads content you select; and “Don’t Use Mobile Data” downloads content only when on a WiFi connection.

Add Your Own Photos to Your Magazines: You can add photos stored locally on your Android device to your magazines. Go to Gallery, then tap on the photo you want. Tap the Android share icon in the top right, then select Flipboard in the drop-down list. Pick the magazine you want to flip into. You can also add a comment and share the photo to your social networks.

~DeanneC is currently reading “Made Miniature