On the Red Couch with 99% Invisible’s Roman Mars

Inside Flipboard / October 9, 2012

Hosted by radio producer Roman Mars, 99% Invisible is an award-winning podcast about design, architecture and the largely invisible activity that shapes our world. Its third season set a Kickstarter record for highest-funded journalism project, and Flipboard is proud to be featuring it now as part of our new program to support publishing efforts via Kickstarter.

We went out to Mars’s home/studio in Northern California to meet him for the first time and find out how he comes up with episodes like “The Accidental Music of Imperfect Escalators,” what inspires him, and the design invention that has most changed his life. (Hint: you might be holding one right now.) Mars was even kind enough to record the interview for us.

You can listen to 99% Invisible by tapping on the badge below.

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