See the Best in Your Flipboard Home

Inside Flipboard / November 18, 2014

Some of us catch up on the news in the morning; others enjoy a funny video before bed. But no matter what time you open your Flipboard, the fastest way to see a relevant roundup of stories for you is via your home tab. With the new third generation design, Flipboard for the phone has a dedicated place for the latest stories you might find interesting. (It’s still called Cover Stories on Flipboard for tablet.) Here’s how to make the most of the area designated by that little house icon:

  • Open Flipboard and get highlights across everything you’re following.

It can be hard to keep up on all the topics, people or publications you’ve followed on Flipboard, especially if you’re following a lot of things. Cut through it all and start at Home: a streamlined selection of new stories, powered by what you follow. It’s like a content “smoothie” where you’ve chosen all of the ingredients.

  • The more you follow, the better Flipboard Home gets.

As you come across sources and topics you like, be sure to follow. Tap the bright blue Follow button in the top right.

Following improves the results you see in the home tab. Let Flipboard do the hard work of finding top stories from that source for you. You can follow topics, people, publications and blogs. If you prefer to drill down into just that source, find it again by tapping the tile tab to go to your Following list.

  • See top stories from The Daily Edition as well as social networks you’ve connected to Flipboard.

Your Flipboard Home will also include breaking news and highlights from your social networks. Early in the day, you might see a few stories from The Daily Edition; tap “More” to read the whole thing. (The Daily Edition is available to readers in the U.S., UK, Latin America, Brazil and India.) You’ll also get a few stories from your connected social networks; note the brightly colored banners grouping these together.

  • Drill down to specific sources, topics and magazine makers.

When browsing stories, look at the top to see the source. Sometimes the article is from a Flipboard topic; other times it’s from a publisher or a magazine curator. Tap on the source name (usually in bright blue) or the word “More.” Tap on a magazine maker’s profile picture to see their bio and what they’re collecting into magazines.

  • Get recommendations for magazines and Flipboard topics you might like.

Based off of what you’re following, you’ll also get recommendations to follow other magazines or topics. For recommended magazines, swipe right to left to look through the choices. Recommended topics appear as a list; you can tap the topic tag to explore or just follow it immediately from within the module.

  • Tap the home tab again to return to the top.

Want to return to the top and/or refresh the feed? Just tap the home icon again to get back to the front cover. Pull down on the front cover to refresh with new stories.

We hope this helps you get the most of of your Flipboard home tab!

~DeanneC is reading “Quirk