The Guardian Launches on Flipboard

Inside Flipboard / April 22, 2011

Fast forward from 1821, when The Guardian was born, to today, and you’ll see a paper that has established itself as a central liberal voice in the British media. In addition to having a vibrant presence online, The Guardian publishes a daily print edition in the unique Berliner format; a Sunday paper, The Observer; and The Guardian Weekly, an international edition featuring articles from The Guardian, The Observer and other papers.

Now you can add one more experience to that list: The Guardian is on your Flipboard (tap here to add it), bringing you top news from the U.K. and around the world. In the near term, that means going inside the Royal Wedding. You can also expect live coverage of the unrest in Libya, Syria and the Middle East, lively commentary on the health service reforms, bank holiday travel suggestions, and more.

Add The Guardian to your Flipboard to become in tune with a unique voice intent on sustaining independent journalism.

~ The Flipboard Team