The Week in Review: Derek Jeter’s Last at Bat

Inside Flipboard / September 26, 2014

After swinging 342,000 times for the same team, New York Yankees star Derek Jeter stepped up to the plate on Thursday night for the last time. For 20 years, his consistency, professionalism and “generational excellence” were upheld as examples of how New York City saw itself—for better or worse.

The reaction to Jeter’s retirement—which he delivered earlier this year via Facebook—was one of surprise, even among his teammates. The 40-year-old, notorious for his off-season discipline, seemed to bounce back from a 2013 season marred by injuries. But when the road to recovery proved difficult, Jeter realized the time had come to lay down his bat.

As teams around the country honored “one of the most accomplished shortstops of all-time,” Jeter spent his farewell tour racking up new records. “His focus will be winning, like always,” said Yankees General Manager Joe Girardi. Though his humility makes Jeter a fan favorite, it’s his technical skill and prowess under pressure that’s led sportswriters to vouch for his place in the Hall of Fame.

For a crash course on Derek Jeter and his legacy in baseball, Flipboard readers have collected some of the game’s best on-field moments below:

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