The Week in Review: “Thanksgivukkah” Feasts and Beyond

Inside Flipboard / November 29, 2013

The end of November marks the beginning of a significant season: a time for family get-togethers, religious observances, celebrations of the year’s hard work and—of course—all those hearty feasts. Whether you are secular or a person of faith, we all can expect massive dinners and indulgent treats over the next few weeks.

But there are plenty of reasons to spare the calorie-counting. There is only one month of shameless eating left before it’s time to decide our New Year’s resolutions. And this particular November has gone down in history with the once-in-a-lifetime holiday, “Thanksgivukkah.” For the first time since 1888, and projected not to reappear for another 70,000 years, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah collided on the same day. The Internet was abuzz with excitement over cross-cultural food possibilities. Do you care for cranberry relish on your potato latkes? Challah and apple stuffing for the turkey? Manischewitz-brined bird?

This week all these culinary oddities were justified, and we found fun magazines that best fit such festivities.

Perfect Holiday Meal by Maggie Campell and Jody Kramer: Beyond Thanksgiving, look to this magazine for recipes like roasts and pies that are suitable for any holiday.

Good Eating: Thanksgiving by The Chicago Tribune: The Chicago Tribune’s collection of recipes for Turkey Day and other holidays.

Thanksgivukkah by websuccess: Janette Speyer breaks down the math behind the occurance of this hybrid holiday, as well as ideas of how to properly celebrate.

Dubious Cuisine by Todd Lapin: If you are feeling adventurous after all that turkey, look through these odd “gourmet” dishes.

Happy Hanukkah by Kelly Lieberman: Fun ideas for Hanukkah, such as dreidel cookies and DIY crafts for decoration.

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