5 Magazines for a Better You in 2015

MagMaker / January 7, 2015


Need some extra motivation? It can be tough to stick with your resolutions all year but with the help of these magazines, you’ll be well on your way. Bettering yourself isn’t just about your body but your mind, lifestyle and even your bills.

Here are 5 magazines for a better you in 2015:


Balancing Time & Energy by vivmca: A collection of articles related to managing your time better this year.


Health and Our Bodies by Travis Bogard: An ongoing study of how our lifestyles influence health.



Fit in 2015 by Ryan Sprance: Guide to exercises to keep up with your resolutions.



Guiltless Eats by Aida B.: Tasty recipes for healthy living.



Pay Your Bills by Terry Porter: Developing good personal finance habits can reduce stress. It’s also never too early to budget your next vacation!

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~jdlv is reading “Ab Workout.”