A Mother’s Life, Remembered on Flipboard

MagMaker / March 4, 2014


To familiarize himself with magazine-making on Flipboard, genealogy enthusiast Randy Seaver curated photos and articles about his mother into a Flipboard magazine. Then he wrote a blog post about it:

I pondered… how I might use [Flipboard] to introduce my extended family to the collected family pictures and stories about their ancestors. I know that there are other programs and apps that can do this, but Flipboard really appealed to me, and it has on both browser and mobile app versions.

Randy does a nice job of walking the reader through the steps in his own self-education, from learning how to flip articles and photos to refining his magazine with Flipboard’s web-based Editor Dashboard. In the end, he produced a beautiful tribute magazine on Flipboard:


Randy also shared some useful insights about the lessons he picked up along the way:

I learned a few things in how I can improve on this particular type of magazine:

*  Articles need shorter and catchy titles. If I do this over, I will use a title like “Betty in her buggy – 1919” and would start the test with something more specific.
*  The magazine has to be “Public” to be saved.
*  You have to “flip” a specific webpage, not a home page or an archive page.
*  You can “flip” a page with only text, but it’s the photographs that catch the eye.
*  I doubt that document images will be of much interest to my readers.
*  Magazines can be added to or edited at any time.
*  Magazines don’t have to be your own material – you can add articles from any website. It could be interesting articles that you found on any subject at any time.

Randy’s write-up about creating “Betty’s Life” magazine is quite thorough, so we definitely recommend reading his whole post.