Create a Flipboard Magazine for your Online Shop

MagMaker / September 25, 2014

Do you sell on eBay, Etsy or on your own website? From hand-forged jewelry to DIY kits and handmade clothes, a Flipboard magazine can act as a vibrant catalog of your offerings online.

Install the Flip It button in your browser on desktop or mobile and flip each item from your online store into a magazine. If a red price tag doesn’t automatically show, then select the Shopping cart and enter it. Etsy and eBay are Flipboard partners, so any items from those sites will be beautifully paginated. Please note that all transactions will take place on the host site.


Check out a few great examples of people using magazines as catalogs:


Nautical Etsy by tporter2: See inspired products found on Etsy.


Dezeen Watch Store by @dezeenstores: Boutique and designer watches.


Air Jordan by  jordan23collectibles: Obsessive collection of the iconic sneaker from a variety of sources.


Accessories by Monabello: Essentials for your every day devices.

Once you’ve got everything together, spice it up with a sale. An exclusive discount code can be an incentive for potential customers to make a purchase and to follow your magazine for more. Simply add a comment or flip in an article with sale details.


Debuting something new? If you’re restocking inventory or offering more size options, Flip It with a comment. Keep your magazine fresh with an attractive cover and/or re-arrange products in the magazine via the Flipboard editor; you might want to put the items you want to push in the first few pages, for example. When you’re all done, embed your magazine on your website to show off your finished catalog.


You can also harness the power of your fanbase with a hashtag campaign. Think of a unique hashtag and encourage your customers to use it on social media. Collect your favorites in a magazine to show your appreciation.

“We would love to see how your new fedora fits you. Take a photo and post it with #FedoraFanclub and we’ll share it to our magazine on Flipboard!”

If you already have your wares in a beautiful magazine, consider gathering images that inspire you in another. Chances are, people who are excited about your posts may also pay your store a visit!

Did our advice help you make a million dollars? We want to know! Share your finished magazine by tweeting @Flipboard #FlipShop and we’ll check it out.

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