Happy Hunger Games! May These 5 Magazines Be Ever In Your Favor

MagMaker / November 21, 2014


Jennifer Lawrence returns to the big screen as Katniss Everdeen this weekend in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. Here are five magazines to prime your survival skills in the Capitol of Panem and beyond:


The Mockingjay by beckiwinchel: Hunger Games news, updates and pictures.



THG / CF Mockingjay by tk421: Behind-the-scenes footage and photos of the Mockingjay shoot.



In the Bull’s-Eye by SpencerPF: Archery has gotten Katniss this far; read up on how to train for it.



Complete preparedness by cantacnprep: The outdoors can be a scary place! Bone up on your hiking and camping skills.



Be Ready for Anything by rockstartech: Recipes, advice and kits to keep in your mental toolbox.


~jdlv is reading “Camping and Survival Equipment