Spotlight: Architecture Photography Andy Marshall

MagMaker / January 6, 2015

My name is Andy Marshall and my medium is architectural photography at

My love of architecture has driven me into a career which involves engaging people with the beauty of our built heritage using the medium of photography. I treat the camera like the Proton Pack in Ghostbusters. Drawing the spirit and atmosphere of a place into a photograph has fascinated me since I was a young boy. It’s a common thread that runs throughout my work.

There isn’t an average day: you might find me filming in the Whispering Gallery at Saint Paul’s Cathedral London or donning wading boots in a tunnel to photograph a long-lost medieval bridge beneath a concrete overpass.

I use Flipboard as a form of inspiration, as a resource, and also as a way of establishing a connection with other like-minded people. Ideally for a photographer, Flipboard imparts information in a highly visual way that draws people through the image into the information at hand. Thus, I curate several magazines which have a visual emphasis on our built environment.

Spirit of place, the domestic interior and urban typography all feature in the magazines that I curate. I’ve also set up Flipboard magazines based upon projects that I’ve been involved with: #hexhamlight magazine was updated live during a time-lapse and photography shoot in an abbey in England, culminating in the final film itself. I’ve also recently set up a magazine called Archigram which I use to share my Instagram pics with a wider audience.