Spotlight: Singer and Songwriter Carolyn Malachi

MagMaker / November 10, 2014

Music moves us but for a select few, it does plenty more. To hear Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter Carolyn Malachi describe it, music is a mentality, a form of empowerment, and perhaps the best way to tell the truth.

But the truth is sometimes subjective. In Malachi’s case, it was a matter of being true to herself. Despite having a famous jazz pianist for a great-grandfather, her parents encouraged her to go to business school. As a natural born leader, it seemed like the perfect fit.

On a whim she took a music class. And her truth revealed itself. A once dormant love of music came to life, and she left the world of finance for a life of expression.

Fusing jazz with hip-hop and spoken word, her music evinces the idea that music is a conduit, a way to trade stories, morals and mythologies about who we are. Getting people to share those stories—and find strength in the process—is what she believes music does best. Her Flipboard magazine provides a front row seat to her career and passions.

My name is Carolyn Malachi, and I am passionate about music.

My mission is to inspire, ignite and nurture the human spirit through music. I like to organize and transform seemingly disparate fragments of life into works of art. In a way, this fresh cohesion represents the interconnectedness of everything.

I use Flipboard to check out the latest developments in tech and art (especially photography), explore perspectives on issues that I find important, and to share music-oriented content, including (but not limited to) performance footage, vocal techniques and songwriting tips.

Flipboard is also great for aggregating social media content into an elegant presentation. The glossy magazines are digital stages. For the fans, flipping through my magazines is like arriving at my concert, walking into a grand theater and being ushered to the best seat in the house.

My strongest vocal influence is the great jazz vocalist Sarah Vaughan. With every note, she told a captivating story.

The first article I flipped into a magazine was probably an article about black and white photography. Just like music, photography captures moments in time with great detail.

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The best article I read all week was an article in The Huffington Post about a printer that turns photos into 3D objects, allowing blind people to hold on to treasured memories. Fascinating!

Something that I’ve found on Flipboard that’s made my life better is an article about habits formed by people who build long-lasting relationships. Everything I do involves teamwork. I love my team and am always looking for ways to strengthen our bond.

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