Spotlight: Spyden8or Illustrator Max Headroom

MagMaker / December 15, 2014

My name is Max, aka DJ Spyden8or, and my medium is digital content remixing. I’m an illustrator, musician and writer.

My love of digital art has drawn me into the newest technologies, which allows art to be expressed and reflect our mind’s eye in new and more exciting formats.

I use Flipboard as a digital content lens filter to focus on exactly what I want to read, watch, listen to or experience. In the past few years, the Internet has experienced information overflow. As it expands, the need for filtering becomes critical—especially if you need to see, get and know it all right now.

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Flipboard allows me to cultivate my sensibilities in an almost subliminal and unconscious way. It’s become my information sentinel, working tirelessly to present my feed the way I like it on any interface.

Flipboard is also great for wrapping up my Google+ posts. Although G+ is a cool format to create and post content, the platform is hard to use if you have hundreds of posts. Flipboard helps to format and rearrange posts in order to create different storylines.

The best article I read all week was “5 Reasons Our Universe Might Actually Be Virtual Reality.” It was one of the best quantum physics-related articles I read in a while. We all saw The Matrix and heard about “parallel universes,” but it’s always been within the realm of science fiction. The author of this article, Brian Whitworth, tackles the subject in a simple way that’s easy to grasp with warpspeed fluency, explaining the idea through quantum realism concepts that are hard to ignore.

My biggest influence is the fusion of art and technology. As the ability to use technology to express and distribute digital art becomes easier to use, the influence of art will hopefully grow as well.