We’re Thankful for Our Terrific Flipboard MagMakers

MagMaker / November 28, 2013


It’s Thanksgiving, and with the holiday comes the sudden realization that we need to add a new category to our list of the Five Most Popular Types of Flipboard Magazine.

The new species is called a ThankfulMag, and we just received the very best one in the entire world: “Thank You, Flipboard,”  published today by the clever MagMakers in the Flipboard Club:

Thanksgiving is here. A time when we remember those who have changed our world for the better, those who have made our lives richer. A time to show our gratitude, in our own little way, for what we are grateful for.

To all our friends at Flipboard,  this is for you.

Thank You.

Happy Thanksgiving, from the Flipboard Club.

Here’s the magazine:



Naturally, all of us at Flipboard were thrilled to receive our ThankyouMag. We’re also incredibly thankful to have a terrific community of Flipboard readers and MagMakers to keep us inspired. So thank you, stay in touch, and have a great Thanksgiving!

IMAGE: Top, thank you note from MagMaker Janette Speyer, in Thank You, Flipboard